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Exploring the life and the times of the natural world through the depiction of flowering plants in a pristine white and auric space


Coral G Guest is an international English artist, whose work has played a key pioneering role in the development of contemporary Botanical Art in the 21st century. Her work has redefined the traditional practice of the Observational Flower Painter.

As a painter and draughtswoman, she began a serious exploration into the plant kingdom in 1979. This site shows recent commissioned and experimental works, selected works from the archive and excerpts and quotes from her essays, journals and notebooks.

Coral’s work has evolved the traditions from which it has developed, whilst also stepping beyond the restrictions of contemporary art practice. Her work is a process that shifts from inside to outside time, and is based entirely on real contact with real plant life and the subtle shifts of weather patterns in the context of natural light.



The Mysterious Pink of the Peony Flower at First Light
Dawn Series 2018
Paeonia lactiflora ‘Edulis Superba’ Number 2
detail from vertical triptych

100 x 200 cm
oil on canvas


For much of my life I have gazed into the faces of flowers, observing daylight as it reflects and refracts through petals. I create an image of a plant based entirely on observation and this is expressed through drawing and painting directly from life. My work contains pictorial locus points into which I fuse the ephemeral presence that I experience as beauty. This work has developed over a forty-year timeline, with a focus upon communicating and exploring the life and times of our natural world through the depiction of flowering plants in a conceptual space that is both light filled and finite.My process is silent and unusually devotional. The intent of my working purpose is to understand not only from an observational view, but to establish a devotional practice and legacy.